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2009 Judging Committee
Zhao Derun(China)
Executive Chairman of China Photojournalists Society
CEO of China News Photo Net

Abir Abdullah (Bangladesh)
Photographer, EPA

Vladimir Baranov (Russia)
Department Head of the Visual Information, RIA Novosti News Agency

Ruth Eichhorn (Germany)
Director of Photography, GEO magazine

Renata Ferri (Italy)
Picture Editor of lo Donna in Corriere della Sera

Hu Ying (China)
Vice Chairman of China Photojournalists Society

Greg Marinovich (South Africa)
Photographer, Writer and Film Producer

David Dare Parker (Australia)
Photographer, Director of FotoFreo

Michele Stephenson (USA)
Former Director of Photography, Time Magazine

Su Jishang (China)
Director and Editor-in-Chief of Xinjiang Economic Press

Wang Yao (China)
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China News Service

Wang Zhongjia (China)
Former Director of Photography, People's Daily

Wu Ching-Teng (Joseph Wu) (Chinese Taiwan)
Deputy Director of Photo Center, United Press Corp.
Executive Secretary
Huang Wen (China)
Vice Director, Liaise Department of China Photojournalist Society
Senior Editor/Chief Photo Marketing Analyst, Xinhua News Agency