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2008-12-29 13:39:18

The 5th China International Press Photo Contest (the 5th CHIPP) is to be held from Mar. 21 to 25, 2009 in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Entries will be received from January 1 to February 15 (by 12 PM), 2009.


All entries should center on the theme of

PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT, reflecting achievements and conflicts, changes and progress, and displaying life conditions, emotions, willpower and strength of the subjects.


Entries will compete in eight categories. Both Single images and photo stories are eligible.

1. Daily Life (DL & DLS)
2. War & Disaster News (WDN & WDNS)
3. General News (GN & GNS)
4. Economy, Science and Technology News (ESTN & ESTNS)
5. Nature & Environment News (NEN & NENS)
6. Arts, Culture & Entertainment News (ACEN & ACENS)
7. Sports News (SN & SNS)
8. Portraits & People in the News (POPN & POPNS)


All entries must be:

1. authentic and embodies the contest¡¯s theme of PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT
2. with strong visual impact and emotional moving power
3. with accurate caption
4. clearly and properly categorized



1. The contest is open to all professional photographers and photojournalists.

2.Participants could submit entries either via internet or by post.

Submission via internet is strongly recommended. Please log onto reg.chipp.cn to complete the registration process. Once it is done, parcicipants should be able to submit works online. When a submission is started, the participant is allowed to revise entries only within 24 hours. In case of any abnormalities in uploading works, please send a requesting email to office@chipp.cn in which the registered name must be included.

Participants who choose to deliver entries by post must download a registration form (click to download ), and send it together with the entries. Please mark "no commercial value" to avoid unnecessary fees and postponement at customs.

3.  The winning photos might be published on media upon the award announcement, and then collected into the CHIPP Winners Gallery.

4.  The CHIPP committee may use the prize-winning photos in the contest-related publications, exhibitions and other activities without offering any remuneration to the photographer(s) and/or copyright holder(s). But all the photos in use will be credited to the related photographer(s) and/or the copyright holder(s).

5.  The CHIPP committee may request the prize winners to submit the materials of their winning photos with reproduction quality for the CHIPP yearbook as well as potential exhibitions.

6.  The participant should be the copyright holder of the work he/she submits or have been authorized by the copyright holder(s). He/she will take legal responsibilities for any controversies over portrait right or other cases in which a third party might file a lawsuit.

7.   Entries fail to meet the rules will be treated as ineligible.

8.   There is no entry fee for the contest.

9.  The entry rules and the conditions in the entry form are binding.


1. Each participant is allowed to submit no more than 10 pieces of work. A photo story is regarded as ONE piece of work.
2. Single photos must have been taken and published in 2008.
3. Photo stories must have been completed or first published in 2008.
4. A photo story may contain no less than 2 and no more than 10 photos, each being clearly marked with category code and serial number.
5. Online entries are preferable, but the contest also accepts black-&-white prints, color prints, slides and photo CDs by post. Digital or digitalized photos should be in JPG format between 500k and 2.5MB, with a minimum of 400 pixels.

6£®Please send the black & white prints, color prints, slides or photo CDs by prepaid courier or regular mail to the CHIPP Committee Office (see address below). Participants can also enter the contest by uploading entries to www.chipp.cn.
7. Each entry should have detailed photo caption and description in either English or Chinese.
8. Digital images should be marked with the letters ¡°SDC¡± (Shot by Digital Camera).

9. Composite, multi-exposure photos and altered files by digital manipulation will not be accepted.
10. Individual images as part of a photo story/portfolio are eligible for re-entering the singles contest in the same category, but the singles will be counted as pieces of entries separately. An image is not allowed to be submitted into two or more different categories at the same time.
11. Participant's personal data and entry-related information should not appear on the front side of the prints or the frame of the slides. Participants should mark the category codes and serial numbers clearly according to the entry rules. Each entry will be registered and coded by the CHIPP organizing committee.
12. Information such as the photo-taking date, place and country is required for each entry.
13. Judging results by the jury is the final decision. The CHIPP organizing committee does not accept any appeals.
14. Prize-winning works against entry rules will be disqualified from the contest and announced publicly after verification. Related works will be removed from the CHIPP website as well as from potential exhibitions.



1.One gold, one silver, one bronze prizes and two awards of excellence will be selected in each of the 8 categories - for both single images as well as photo stories.
2. One photo will be selected as the Photo of the Year from all of the gold-prize -winning photos.
3.  All awards are not allowed to be vacant, except for the awards of excellence.

The winner of the Photo of the Year will receive a trophy, a certificate, a pre-tax cash prize of RMB 75,000 as well as a return flight ticket to Shanghai for the awards ceremony in May, 2008.
Each winner of all the 16 gold prizes will receive a trophy, a certificate, a pre-tax cash prize of RMB 10,000 together with a return flight ticket to Shanghai for the awards ceremony in May, 2008.

Each winner of all the silver and bronze prizes will receive a trophy and a certificate.
Each winner of Award of Excellence will receive a certificate.
Prize-winning entries will be included into the CHIPP08 yearbook. The CHIPP Organizing Committee will present one copy of the yearbook to every prize winner.

Judging will take place in late March, 2009 in Shanghai. Results will be announced at a press conference. Detailed information will also be published on the CHIPP official website in both Chinese and English. All prize winners will be contacted by phone, fax or e-mail after announcement.
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CHIPP Organizing Committee
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Email: office@chipp.cn                        
Address: Room 312 , Gongzi Building ,57, Xuanwumen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing,
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Please send your entry to CHIPP Organizing Committee, Or visit the CHIPP official website www.chipp.cn to make the registration and upload entries by following the online instructions.For any problems feel free to contact us.

The Contest starts to accept both online submission and submission by post from January 1, 2009. The deadline is 12PM, Feb 15, 2009 (Beijing Time). Entries submitted later than the deadline will not be accepted.