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Members of The CHIPP Jury

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 Members of The CHIPP Jury  

Jury Member  David S.T. Loh

        David Loh has been in the media industry for over 25 years, of which 21 years were with Reuters Ltd. He has worked as a journalist, photographer, chief photographer and until recently was the Editor-in-Charge (EIC) of the Reuters’ Global Pictures Desk based in Singapore. David has a proven track record in training and managing teams of photographers. His experience in major events include organizing the initial Pakistan/Afghanistan coverage for Reuters after 9/11, photo coverage of the Jakarta riots, numerous Formula One and MotoGP races, WTO, APEC and ASEAN meetings. David's images have graced many of the global newspapers, magazines, slideshows and books over the years. David co-founded his company Elaton LLP in January 2016 to share his expertise and knowledge in photography and editing skills with the general public and photo enthusiasts.

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