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Moments in the Judging Session of the 11th CHIPP Contest

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Moments in the Judging Session of the 11th CHIPP Contest

Group photo of the Jury Panel


    The 11th China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP 2014) ended in China’s south-western city of Chengdu on March 25, 2015. Photographers from 26 countries and regions won a total of 68 awards within eight categories, setting a new record of the number of winner’s country.

    In retrospect, the most impressive memory of the judging session is the collision of arguments, the clash of cultures and the friction of thinking from the jury panel, which is composed of a total of 13 seniors in the press photography field all over the world. Actually, this kind of impact and interchange is just the true essence of the contest.

    The photo collection below is part of the wonderful moments during the judging session. At the same time of restoring the news moments through the awarded pictures, we hope, we can also restore the moments of the judging course and all those wonderful memories.

[editor: 潘迪 ]