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Road to Nowhere

Alex Kudenko http://www.cnpps.org 2013-03-23 12:58:52 

    A young boy sleeps on the moving vehicle on the way to the summer camp of Even.

    The Evens is a small ethnic group from Siberia and Russian Far East. According to the 2010 population census, there are only 1500 Evens left and they live mostly in Bystrinsky region.In the middle of the 20th century the the traditional Evens’ way of life was almost changed. The nomadic tribes were forced to settle down, their children were taken from the nomad camps to orphanages. After the fall of the USSR, like many other civilians of far rural regions, Evens feels the problems with jobs, medicine, tools and other social conditions. It seems like that the only way to survive is to start leave artificial settlements and turned back to their traditional nomadic life. They revive their nomadic skills, which helps them to survive in harsh environment of the Far East, reindeer herding.All the word moves to shorting communications, highways and comfort, But at the far East and North of Russia, moving away from this modern civilization, which could not help to live the ordinary and native people, is the only way to stay alive. Is this a true way to survive? Or civilization store Evens like they store reindeers... and then use them like Evens use reindeers?

[editor: 付伟 ]