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Leaden darkness

valery melnikov http://www.cnpps.org 2013-03-22 13:14:34 

    Thousands of Syrian families fled from the cities of Quseir, Zabadani, Homs which were attacked by tanks, rocket launchers and helicopters to the Lebanese border town Arsaliyev.

    Syrian refugees are pushing Lebanon to a humanitarian catastrophe. An armed conflict of the army and the rebels has already been lasting for two years and there is no end to be seen. The Syrian crisis has shifted to the neighbour countries. Today thousands of Syrians, who are trying to escape repressions, are leaving their homes and illegally passing the border. They run to the place where there is no shooting and killing – to the nearest Lebanon. Some of them continue supporting the Syrian opposition; some of them are against the reigning Syrian regime because some of their relatives died during cleanup operations. More than 100 000 people have already passed the border. As a matter of fact they’ve got nowhere to live – there aren’t any elementary facilities, people lack food. In the nearest future the flow of the refugees will only get bigger and bigger as well as the tension inside Lebanon, whish is not ready for solving those kinds of problems. Even after the rescue of the explosions and shootings they do not feel safe. The future of Syria and its citizens is still covered with a thick smoke of the next projectile.

[editor: 付伟 ]