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The High Water

Maria Pleshkova http://www.cnpps.org 2013-03-22 13:11:18 

    Photo taken on July 11, 2012 shows a mannequin among rubbish left after the flood. The Russian town of Krymsk of Krasnodar Region suffered devastating flood damage.

    On July 6, 2012, a southern Russian town of Krymsk suffered a serious flood. Waters came unexpectedly. It was friday, and people stayed at their homes having a rest after a workweek. In the middle of the night, a seven-meter wave struck Krymsk, flooding everything on the way. Most people were rescued by police, but still over 170 were killed and nearly 500 wounded. People lost their relatives, their homes and all their belongings. The whole town looked like the set of post-apocalyptic movie.

[editor: 付伟 ]