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2009-01-12 16:45:53

China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) is an annual photo contest organized by China Photojournalists Society. It provides a platform where photojournalists and photographers around the world get to show their works, exchange ideas and promote friendship. The year 2005 saw the first contest in Shenzhen. From the 2nd to the 4th years, the Contest was held in Shenzhen, Shanghai’s Qingpu District and Yangpu successively.

Since its birth, the CHIPP Contest has been centered on the motto of PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT. Following the recognized international practice, it invites experts in the field of press photography all over the world to join the jury and choose winners from press photos that are taken and published in the past year by photojournalists and photographers worldwide. It awards excellent works which reflect achievements and conflicts, changes and progress, and displays life conditions, emotions, willpower and strength of the subjects.

The Contest is looking to works with broad vision, keen insights, superb skills, honest reflection and powerful visual impact.

It now consists of eight categories. One gold, one silver, one bronze prizes and 2 awards of excellence are selected in each of the 8 categories and for both single images as well as photo stories. One photo will be selected as the Photo of the Year from all of the gold prize winning photos.

Initially, the Contest jury comprises fifteen worldwide-renowned press photo theorists, picture editors, photojournalists and press photo educators. From the 2nd CHIPP Contest in 2006, the number of the jury was cut down to thirteen. The one-week judging process takes place in late March every year, followed by the awards ceremony and the yearbook in May.